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Online Calendars - For those who just want to get customers scheduled for a meeting without having to chase them down. Set up this automation, change some words, then get more appointments and fewer no-shows.

Custom Forms - In just a few clicks create forms that integrate right into your web pages and automatically capture important contact information in ROI Ninjas CRM. Simple drag-and-drop tools make form building a breeze.

Customer Reviews - The digital world revolves around reviews and user-created content. Tackle both, all while helping your search engine rankings, without lifting a finger. Set up this automation, tweak it, and get loved.

Combined Conversations - All of your communications with customers in one place. Easily track all email, text messages, and phone calls from one single page. Streamline your entire sales and service process.

Custom Surveys - In just a few clicks create engaging surveys that capture important feedback from your customers and help you stay top of mind. Simple drag-and-drop tools make survey building a breeze.

More Automation - Time is money and you can save a lot of time automating more of your company. Use our workflow templates to save even more time, customize, and focus on making a lot more sales. Or create your own.

Pipeline Customization - Go with the standard account pipeline or create multiple custom ones, the choice is yours. But either way, the information you want will always be displayed right on your dashboard.

The Right Analytics - Connect directly to all of your Google accounts for analytics, My Business, Ads, and more. All conveniently displayed on your dashboard. Everything you need, right at your fingertips, when you need it.

Ninja Follow-Up - Stay in front of your clients and potential customers more often with our templates and automation. The fortune is in the follow-up, so follow up with your audiences like a ninja!

Save Money, Save Time - A subscription to ROI Ninjas SaaS can save you as much as $60,000+ a year compared to other services. There are no hidden fees, no hidden expenses, and no scams to get you to pay more.




Unlimited Calendars - Integrate and manage one or more of your team's calendars, all within ROI Ninjas CRM! Synchronize them all with Google Calendars too! Set meetings, reminders, automatic scheduling, and a lot more cool stuff!

Unlimited Automation - Dump Zapier. Get rid of Mail Chimp and Drip that only do Email automation. Forget about all the others that only allow you to do one thing and go with ROI Ninjas CRM; it automates your email, your text messages, your ringless voicemail, and more!

Unlimited Call Tracking - Skip paying extra to keep track of all your inbound and outbound phone calls. Take a pass on paying extra to record any or all calls for training your team. Say goodbye to paying outside contractors to do this for you!

Unlimited Products/Services - Forget about needing an online shopping cart. Say no to paying extra for offering more than one product or service. Dodge paying double or more for websites that can take payments and put that money back into your business or your pocket!

Unlimited Access - Anywhere you have a smart device, laptop, or computer, you can access your ROI Ninjas CRM account. No more need for special software or apps to run your business, especially when you are on the go!

Unlimited CRM Management - Skate past paying Hubspot and others that cost tens of thousands of dollars every year for something every business needs. And almost none of them provide you unlimited anything!!

Unlimited Email Marketing - Say no to paying extra for more lists, more groups, and more contacts. ConstantContact, Drip, and MailChimp got nothing on ROI Ninjas CRM! The funky, mail monkey is chewing into your profits!

Unlimited Forms & Surveys - Pay more for SurveyMonkey, Zoho, or TypeForm? Hell, no! Make hundreds or thousands of forms and surveys that easily integrate into your website and landing pages. And when you use the built-in site builder, you can integrate forms with a couple of clicks of your mouse!

Unlimited Funnel Builder - For about what you pay for ClickFunnels and Lead Pages a month, you can do oh so much more with ROI Ninjas CRM! And you're not limited to how many you can build as well as have active at any given time. It's a no-brainer!!

Unlimited Reputation Management - BirdEye, CrazyEgg, and more will cost you $1,000+ a month and again you are limited! But we know that maintaining a great reputation and getting more reviews means you get more sales. ROI Ninjas CRM once again disrupts the status quo!

Unlimited Site Builder - ROI Ninjas CRM gives you the ultimate power to create more web pages, more landing pages, more, more, more! Save time and money without the hassle of finding and paying a web designer and paying for even more space on ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, etc.

Unlimited SMS/Text Messaging - ROI Ninjas CRM integrates with Twilio, enabling you to make ludicrously lucrative follow-up sequences. Remind your customers of meetings, help them show up on time, and drastically reduce no-shows. Increase ROI on campaigns and get a lot more reviews!

Unlimited Web Analytics - Kiss those obsolete services goodbye and have ALL of your Google Ads, Analytics, and My Business stats all at your fingertips. ROI Ninjas CRM pulls Facebook and Google analytics directly into your main dashboard. It's all right there and easy to understand as soon as you log in!

And so many more FEATURES & BENEFITS that we've created for you like all of our templates for Email, text messages, forms, surveys, and more! But we're adding even more great stuff all of the time, including campaign templates, smart workflows, and lead nurturing too.

We're even giving you plug-and-play template campaigns; just change some words and turn on your profits in minutes!

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